Carcloud provides you with a great way to supercharge your website without changing your reservation system.

Carcloud is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that connects directly to your central reservation system and maximises your online revenue. We provide you with a fully-featured, responsive website that is customised for your brand – without the stress, cost and risk of traditional website development.

Our customers range from single site operators to global car rental brands.

Here are 10 reasons why our customers trust us to help grow their business – and why you should talk to us about your car rental website:


1. We understand your business.

Our management team has worked for (and with) some of the biggest names in car rental. We power websites for car rental companies of all shapes and sizes, giving us unique insight into what works and what doesn’t.



2. It’s fully flexible.

If you’re just getting started, you can choose one of our conversion-optimized templates and launch today. If you have a more established brand, we will work with your team or your digital agency to create a fully-customized template that meets your marketing goals.



3. It’s search-engine optimized.

Your Carcloud-powered website has thorough SEO optimization built-in to increase your site traffic. It also allows you to create landing pages tied to promo codes, for smarter PPC campaigns. We provide the tools that make life easier for your web marketing team.



4. It increases your revenue.

We don’t just increase your site traffic, we maximise the number of visitors that convert to buyers. If your current site isn’t converting well, you’re throwing money down the drain every day. We have years of experience in optimising car rental websites for conversion so that you can be confident you’re maximising your revenue.



5. You’re in full control.

You can modify fleet details, car rental locations, promotions and all website content by yourself, instantly. No need to speak to a developer to get things done!



6. It’s mobile-optimized.

Carcloud is fully responsive and optimized across mobile, tablet and desktop – increasing the number of bookings you get from customers no matter what device they are using.



7. It’s secure, fast and reliable.

It’s super-fast and super-reliable. We provide 24X7 support, transfer and store data securely, take daily backups and can also provide a 100% uptime guarantee on request.



8. It’s future-proof.

Carcloud has a full-time development team and you get access to additional features and ongoing support as the platform expands. It’s the last website you’ll ever need.



9. It’s global.

All your website content is fully translatable and our global CDN means your site runs lightning-fast in every country, improving visitor experience and increasing customer conversion rate.



10. Full analytics and reporting.

Carcloud is fully integrated with Google Analytics. Our smart conversion funnels and reporting mean that you can see who is buying what, from where.