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Proven solutions for car rental companies

Our goal is to transform the car rental industry into something that renters love.

We do this by providing the best tools and technology to our partners, so that they can create awesome renter experiences.

Car rental will undergo massive transformation in the next few years as we move to new business models and autonomous vehicles. We will help our customers and partners survive this this by providing solutions that work with their existing reservation software but add new ways to interact with renters.

While fleet management software provides everything needed to run a car rental business, Carcloud provides everything needed to grow that business online.

Our global team works with major car rental reservation systems and a network of digital agencies that are able to deliver solutions on our platform. This ensures our customers can work with their in-house team or digital agency – or find a new partner if they have additional requirements.

Carcloud was founded in 2011 by a management team with experience across car rental companies, online car rental brokers, digital agencies and secure financial platforms.

Find out why some of the biggest (and smallest) names in car rental trust us to help grow their business.