Frequently Asked Questions about Carcloud Reviews.
Read below to learn more about the product and the onboarding process.
1What happens after I purchase?
Once you have purchased, your account will enter the "Setup phase". Our team will work with you to get everything setup for your company, including configuring your branding and setting up your import file and unique email address to trigger automated sending via CSV. During the setup phase your billing is paused.
2Can I get a demo?
Watch our demonstration video to see how the product works. If you would like to trial the platform, we recommend signing up for a single depot with a small number of SMS. Our team can then dedicate time to helping get you up and running.
3Who is Carcloud?
We were formed in 2012 and work exclusively in the vehicle rental industry, providing technology solutions for rental companies. Our customers include major brands such as Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty, Avis, Budget, National and many independents worldwide.
4How is my team notified about negative feedback?
You can choose who is notified for different types of feedback. Negative feedback is sent to your team instantly by email. You can choose whether this feedback goes to the depot they rented from, a central customer service email or a customer support system.
5Why do you only send via SMS?
SMS is critical to get the right feedback at the right time. SMS open rate is around 98%, while email is close to 20%. SMS is also read more quickly, critical when reaching customers who are travelling.
6When is the renter sent a review SMS?
Messages can be sent manually or automatically. If you want to send them automatically, you just need to setup your reservation or reporting software to send us an automated report of completed bookings (this could be hourly, daily, weekly or as they are closed). If sending manually you can choose when to send us a CSV file of completed bookings.
7What URL is used for gathering reviews?
By default, we send all reviews out using our secure https://rentalreviews.co domain. If you would like to use your own domain to send messages, contact support@carcloud.com for white-label options.
8What questions do you send to renters?
We first ask people a standard NPS style question to determine how happy (and how likely to recommend you) they are. Based on their response, we then either dive deep into identifying specific issues (e.g. vehicle or charges) or requesting a public review.
9Can the questions be customized?
We ask a standard set of questions that we know work for renters and car rental companies - but contact support@carcloud.com if you have specific needs.
10How is the reviews platform configured for my brand?
Once you have completed purchase, you will be get access to online forms where you can choose your logo, colors and font. We are there to support you, so if you're not a designer you also have the option to enter your website URL and we can configure branding for you based on the look and feel on your website.
11What information do you need to send my messages?
To send messages to renters, we need to know their mobile number and key details about their rental (reservation number, date, location). We use the same information to provide you with contextual information on feedback and drive the Reviews workflow. For info on file format, see question below.
12How do I send SMS to my renters?
Once your account is fully configured, you will be assigned a unique email address and we will help you setup your import (CSV) file. To send messages, you just need to email a CSV file to the unique email address we create for you. You can do this manually or create an automated report from your reservation software that does this for you.
13How do I add/remove depots or change depot info?
Contact support@carcloud.com and the team will help you make these changes.
14How do I change the Sender ID
In certain countries, you can send messages with a text-based "Sender ID". If you are an existing customer and would like to learn more about this, contact support@carcloud.com.
15How do I change the SMS text?
Contact support@carcloud.com and the team will help you make these changes.
16What if my renters have overseas phone numbers?
SMS send costs vary depending on the country they are sent to. By default, we will not send SMS to countries that are more expensive than the base country plan you have chosen. If you would like to send messages to renters in a wide range of countries, we recommend you sign up for a Vonage/Nexmo account. This will allow you to send SMS internationally at cheap rates and we just charge a small processing fee. Contact support@carcloud.com for assistance with this.
17How do I use Zapier to send messages?
Zapier can give you even greater control over how your messages are sent. If you would like to send using Zapier, contact support@carcloud.com for assistance.
18What if I don't use my full SMS send limit
If you find that you are not using the full send credit for your subscription, contact support and we can help you change your subscription.
19How do I change my monthly send limit?
Contact support@carcloud.com and the team will help you make these changes.
20How do I cancel my plan?
You can cancel at any time by contacting support@carcloud.com.