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The modern car rental industry is an increasingly competitive space, and in this cut-throat environment, few things matter more to potential renters than your business’ online reviews.

Today, regardless of how sophisticated your rental technology is or offerings are, people will pay attention to how other people feel about your business; after all, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Managing and improving your reputation, therefore, should be a top priority—but where do you start?

With our FREE review assessment, we help you get an idea of what your renters are saying and what you can do to improve your service delivery.

While COVID-19 has impacted businesses in almost every industry, the car rental sector has, arguably, been one of the most affected by travel restrictions given its dependence on leisure travel. With travel and tourism at an all-time low, car rental companies have incurred staggering losses, forcing many to take drastic measures to remain afloat.

The good news is that with vaccination drives ramping up and a new normal upon us, companies can now begin their road to recovery and resilience, a cornerstone of which is diversifying car rentals to go beyond the leisure market. In a post-pandemic world, how can this be done successfully and what are the opportunities out there?

This is what we explore, in detail, in our free guide: How to increase your resilience in a post-COVID-19 world by diversifying your car rentals.

Get your FREE review assessment

Before implementing strategies to enhance your online reputation, it’s vital to analyse your online ratings to identify risks and opportunities underlying your service delivery.

That’s why at Carcloud, we’ve partnered with a trusted online reputation analyst to offer you a FREE manual review assessment to help you optimise your processes and address renter feedback.

Our free assessment includes:
A detailed analysis of all public online reviews across multiple platforms
A detailed analysis of all public online reviews across multiple platforms
Recommendations and suggestions to improve your online ratings
Recommendations and suggestions to improve your online ratings

What do we do?

At Carcloud, we help rental service providers go the distance by enhancing the capabilities of their car rental software.

Beyond automated review management, we also help you enhance your website’s eCommerce capabilities and meet corporate requirements through a powerful B2B cloud solution that transforms your client portal.

Today, our solutions and platforms are compatible with leading car rental software, helping you optimise your operations with minimal disruption!

Frequently asked questions

1Is the review assessment report generated automatically?
No. We’ve partnered with a reputation analyst to manually track and evaluate your online reviews across different platforms like Google and Tripadvisor.
2Are there any additional costs associated with the review assessment?
No. Our review assessment is completely free of charge; there are no additional or hidden fees!
3Why do I need a review assessment?
Managing your online reputation is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful rental business. By having a clear understanding of your current reputation—including the feedback your renters have left—you can implement strategies to maintain or improve your online reputation. At Carcloud, our report also provides recommendations on how you can receive more positive reviews from renters.

Start transforming your reputation with a free analysis of your online reviews!