Smartphone penetration has already exceeded 60% in key rental markets.

Have you looked at your website on a smartphone lately? Are you happy with it? If you’re not then neither are your potential customers.

Some car rental websites are literally unusable on mobile devices, others are difficult and cumbersome.

Getting potential customers to visit your website is often difficult and expensive. If they’re browsing on a mobile device and your website isn’t mobile-optimized, they will go elsewhere. You’re losing money every single day.

Optimising for mobile has many benefits and is essential for surviving in today’s technology era.

The following things are included in Carcloud’s offerings to ensure you are as mobile friendly as possible.


Fully responsive

We provide a full responsive website that is optimised across desktop, tablet and mobile – and delivers additional SEO benefits to increase your traffic.

A turnkey mobile solution

For customers that aren’t ready to change their existing website, we also provide a turnkey mobile eCommerce site that connects to your reservation system and is optimised to maximise your mobile bookings. Turning it on is simple and doesn’t require any changes to your current website.

Post-booking experience

After your customers have booked and before they arrive at the rental desk, we power your smart renter messaging direct to customer smartphones. This lets you lower costs and increase revenue with mobile check-in, upgrade promotions, interactive maps and more and is available as a stand-alone option.

All of our platforms are mobile optimized.

Carcloud Web increases your revenue while Carcloud Messenger improves your operations. Which would you like to tackle first?