The website platform for car rental companies and their digital agencies.

There’s more to a successful car rental website than meets the eye.

 Carcloud provides the underlying technology so that that you can focus on design, sales and marketing:

  • Easy management of vehicles and locations. Create deals and link promotion codes to your reservation system.
  • Multi-language for international visitors, full responsive for mobile/tablet devices and constructed according to Google’s SEO recommendations (including appropriate Auto Industry meta tags).
  • Secure online payment, vehicle upgrades and promotion of different vehicles at different locations and different times.
  • Secure login so that renters can store their details, including storing driving licence details so they can check-in faster (or skip the counter altogether).
  • On-request bookings so you can follow-up manually when there’s low availability – or promote relocations when you need vehicles at another depot.
  • Grow partner channels with embeddable booking widgets and travel agent login functionality. If you’re already happy with your main website, you may just want to embed our flexible booking widgets and add a reservation system connection quickly and easily.
  • Protect your website and your brand with secure Web Application Firewall (WAF). Drive faster traffic with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and prevent rate scrapers from selling your rate data to your competitors with industry-leading anti-bot technology.
  • Keep things running smoothly under all conditions through fast hosting, backups, 24×7 monitoring and support.
  • Fully integrated with your reservation system and tracked using eCommerce analytics, with detailed conversion funnels and reports so you can manage your marketing effectively.

Everything you need, $ zero upfront

If you’re using a supported reservation system there is no upfront cost to use the Carloud platform. This means your digital team can rely on our technology and focus on design, sales and marketing – and what’s truly unique for your business. We support your team or can recommend digital agencies that service your area if you need assistance.

We connect to your existing reservation system so you don’t need to change your core software or processes. We can also integrate with custom reservation software if required.

Future-proof your consumer-facing channels

Carcloud is constantly evolving as we add new features to support vehicle delivery and on-demand. As technology becomes a bigger part of the car rental customer experience, you can focus on your core business while we help you move towards the future.

To make life easy for you, we connect directly into your existing reservation system so you don’t need to change your internal processes.