Protect your business and gain an edge over competitors

Will your company exist in 5 years?
If car rental companies don’t evolve, they will suffer the same fate as taxi companies.

All major manufacturers are working towards mainstream autonomous vehicles in 2021. These vehicles will eventually be able to self-deliver to renters. You can gain an advantage and start delivering vehicles to your renters now.

You may already be delivering vehicles directly to renters, hotels or corporate clients – with large amounts of manual effort.

Our platform automates this process. Renters get an easy-to- use mobile or desktop booking process with live deliver pricing, while your team has a suite of tools to manage jobs and track drivers.

Once booked, renters can track the driver’s location in real-time on a map as the vehicle comes to their location.

No special hardware required
You can use your existing fleet (unlike car sharing).

Keep your current reservation system
Because we work with your existing reservation software, you don’t need to replace your internal systems.

Stay in control
A full vehicle delivery system for your brand, so that you’re in control and your business is protected.

Vehicle delivery allows you to differentiate from other car rental companies, offering a premium product rather than competing against cut-price brokers purely on price.

Everything you need, $ zero upfront
If you’re using a supported reservation system there is no upfront cost. This means your digital team can rely on our technology and focus on design, sales and marketing – and what’s truly unique for your business. We support your team or can recommend digital agencies that service your area if you need assistance.

We connect to your existing reservation system so you don’t need to change your core software or processes. We can also integrate with custom reservation software if required.