Improve renter experience and lower operating costs with Carcloud Messenger.

The car rental sales and marketing platform - for any reservation system.

Renter experience

Carcloud Messenger

A turnkey toolkit for renter happiness

Informed renters are happy renters.

Give them the power of self-service and you’ll also reduce operating costs.

How can Carcloud Messenger help your renters?

For off-airport locations

A customer gets off their flight and checks their phone – you’ve sent them detailed maps and instructions on how to find your shuttle bus.

For check-in

The evening before rental, a customer gets an interactive message with an easy way to fill out their drivers licence details – saving them time at the rental counter and reducing your queues.

For rental extensions

An hour before a vehicle is due for return, a customer gets a notification asking if they’ll be returning on time. If not, they can easily request an extension to be processed by your agents.

Carcloud Messenger:

  • Intelligently detects phone settings and displays content in your customer’s preferred language.
  • Doesn't need renters to install an app.
  • Is painless to setup and works with any reservation system.
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