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We make life easier for car rental companies.

Maximum revenue with minimum hassle, so that you can focus on your core business.

We want you to make more money.

Car rental companies are paying increasing amounts of commission to online brokers. These brokers have dedicated technical teams focusing on web design, online conversion and search engine optimisation – the result is that broker websites are often better than the car rental companies, but the car rental companies are paying for them through their commission.

 The only option car rental companies had was to invest in creating and managing their own websites. This tends to be expensive and, in order to stay up-to-date, requires ongoing development from a dedicated team. On top of this, there is the management overhead of planning for security, backups, reliable hosting, conversion-rate optimisation – as well as emerging technologies and mobile/ tablet compatibility.

“Most companies we work with don’t realise how much their current website is under-performing…
…we have helped customers achieve up to 8X increase in online bookings overnight after moving to Carcloud, without needing to change their reservation software.”

Chris Seymour
Carcloud co-founder and CEO

We make your headaches go away.

We provide a car rental eCommerce platform that is optimised for conversion rate and SEO, while making it easy for your team to manage and promote website content. We connect with existing central reservation/fleet management systems so that there is no need to change any internal processes or retrain staff.

We also let car rental companies provide smarter communications to renters post-booking, with mobile check-in and upsell. For our larger customers, we are able to compliment their internal teams with custom development for internal, partner and customer-facing solutions.

We believe that every car rental company deserves a web platform that takes care of all the technology headaches, so that they can focus on their core business.

Carcloud was launched in 2011 by a management team with experience across car rental companies, online car rental brokers, digital agencies and secure financial platforms.

“After working with car rental technology for over 15 years, I’ve seen many companies repeat the same mistakes…
…Carcloud eliminates risk and lets car rental companies maximise their technology budget, providing a solid platform for growth.”

Daniel Jarrett
Carcloud co-founder and CTO
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